Pickleball At Pine Forest Country Club

Right now, pickleball is my go-to activity to stay active outside of internet marketing. This is my early on in my pickleball journey. PickleBall Game 1 PickleBall Game 2 PickleBall Game 3 PickleBall Game 4 PickleBall Game 5

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Solved Failed To Install The Following Android SDK Packages As Some Licenses Have Not Been Accepted

Flutter Android Studio Solved Failed to install the following android SDK packages as some licenses have not been accepted You just started using flutter with android studio and you get the error Failed to install the following Android SDK packages as some licenses have not been accepted. More than likely you are first running the test flutter_app on windows to make sure everything is [...]

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Facebook Ad Expert Tip – How To Duplicate a Facebook Ad Keeping The Social Proof

So this is a huge FREE expert tip for everyone running Facebook ads trying to find the holy grail of audiences. Feel free to buy me a beer after reading this. Ads that get the best Engagement/ROI and that are the cheapest to put in front of a targeted audience are the ones that generate a lot of social proof (likes, comments, and shares). When [...]

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WordPress Can’t Add More Menu Items

My goal this year is to write more. In doing so, I figured the best thing I can do is to start writing simple things that I solve on a regular basis. This latest problem involved WordPress having too many items which in turn would not let me add a menu item. It also would not allow me to add more shortcodes with Thrive Leads. I [...]

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How to Buy Ripple

How to Buy Ripple via Coinbase and Binance An easy way to buy Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency is via Coinbase and Binance. Overview Sign up for Coinbase and buy Bitcoin. Sign up for Binance. Send your Bitcoin from Coinbase to Binance. On Binance, exchange your Bitcoin[1] for XRP[2]. Step by Step 1. Sign up for Coinbase Go to Coinbase and sign up. You’ll need to verify your email, phone number, and bank [...]

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Thrive Leads Review – Case Study Will This List Building Plugin Work For You?

To start off this Thrive Leads review, I'd like to give you a bit of a background story so you can understand why I am doing a review of this Thrive Leads opt-in plugin. If you've noticed the picture and asked yourself, "Are those profits really connected to Thrive Leads?", the answer is yes, ABSOLUTELY (I'll explain how later in the review). I don't want you [...]

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57 News Headline Templates that Grab the Reader by the Throat

That was written before Google and SEO, but the difference is even more dramatic today. If people don’t click on your headline in order to read the page, you don’t stand a chance of ranking. You just disappear. Click-through rate is the #1 factor in SEO. No amount of backlinks can overcome a terrible headline. The following are a list of newsworthy and interesting [...]

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Zapable Review – Is Andrew Fox & Chris Fox’s Product Really Good?

Everyone uses apps. Young and old, people are drawn to apps because they make everything easier, more entertaining, and more fun. That is exactly what makes apps so important for business. If you have a business, of any kind, then you can bet that interested people are looking for an app to make interacting with your business more user-friendly. Zapable has taken the complication out of creating [...]

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How to get Flight Deals

HOW TO GET FLIGHT DEALS and other random stuff  THE TRAVEL STATUS OF THE DAY: Many of you are asking me how am I posting all these delicious travel deals. Well, because I am actually a pretty cheap and thrifty individual. I am all about saving money and getting a good deal. Everyday I comb through some of the travel deal websites and see if any of [...]

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Increase Upload Limit WordPress – 2 Easy Steps to Increase Media Upload Limit in WordPress

I have decided to not only provide SEO type of tips, but small maintenance that will help your self hosted Wordpress website and or blog. If you deliver online content hopefully through Wordpress, you need to increase upload limit in wordpress . This is really simple to do and work with most shared hosting servers. If you follow me, you know I am a big proponent of [...]

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