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This is a funny page for me to be writing. I never thought I’d recommended anything to anyone! I was a kid from East Austin, y’know.

But as I’ve gained experience as an Internet Marketer, I’ve encountered some great tools and training opportunities that can really help businesses and brands earn more in today’s online culture.

Since that’s what this blog is all about, I’m proud to recommend the products below.

My policy: I never recommend a product unless I have personally used it or have thoroughly reviewed it. The books and tools below are all created by mentors and teachers I really trust. I’ve used them, loved them, and they helped me build my business.

With everything it takes to be a successful Internet Marketer today, you need really useful, affordable tools that make you look professional. I’m frequently asked how I manage my busy career — so now you know what’s behind the curtain.

If you click on the product links below, I will get a commission. I have some affiliate links in my blog posts, too. Want to be up-front about that.

If you are considering using these tools and products, I appreciate your using my referral links. Won’t cost you a dime extra, and it helps keep this blog cranking out the free, practical tips that are built around what WE all are passionate about, MAKING MONEY. (If you’re looking for books I recommend, scroll down.)



From deciding what hosting service to use, to importing products from existing storefronts, starting an online store comes with many challenges that many entrepreneurs aren’t expecting. Luckily, hosted e-commerce platforms offer a turnkey solution that removes many of these early stage barriers. The opportunity to start selling quicker with An all-in-one commerce solution. Shopify is completely agnostic to design and front-end technology. With full storefront customization, no product limits, powerful analytics, and much more — Shopify isn’t just a house for your client’s business and brand but can be designed into a permanent home.



I’m not the most brand loyal person on the planet. Brands are only as good as the new brand that’s doing better what the other brand did better than the brand before last. However, I can’t seem to shake my affinity for Surefire lights. Honestly, most Surefire lights are way more than what most people need (Durability Wise), but I like knowing that I could drop my light into the depths of hell and be surprised if it stops working. When it comes to mounting lights on my gun, I love the X300, mainly for the ergonomics, versatility, durability, and lumens. I like how you can use your finger to push the tab in for a temporary on, or swipe down for a constant on. The switch is on both sides and is activated by rotating up or down. Some may say that 600 lumens are too much for a defensive light, but I’m a self-describe lumens whore and can never have enough lumens. I’m also incredibly hard on my guns, especially when I review them, and I treat my x300 like an unwanted step child, and it’s still ticking.