About Mark Swist


Mark Swist is an expert in internet marketing. He is an understudy of big time internet marketer John Barry. He has helped many businesses and brands exponentially grow by embracing the enormous power of the “psychology” of the internet and just driving a sh*t ton of sales. He has also helped brands and businesses with a social media reach of just a few hundred grow to reach several million…. per week. This has included many different niches of business with a wide array of products and services. This also includes clients such as Active Faith Sports, and brands like Colion Noir in which he became a leading voice for second amendment advocacy for the entire country.

Mark has generated millions of dollars in revenue for numerous products, services, and affiliate products. Also, he has been on many leaderboards for product launches within internet marketing competitions. He is an advocate for Foster Children and is currently on the board for the Friends of Depelchin organization. He also donates and raises money for over 50 foster children personally in the Houston and surrounding area every year.

The Beginning:

I didn’t have the most ideal upbringing. My early childhood consisted of living on the street with my mother and 5 other siblings. My mother didn’t have the best life for us but she was also dealt a bad hand herself. I was taken from her and placed in the foster care system at 4 years old. I was placed in a foster home with 2 of the most amazing people in my life, Mama and Daddy White. I still remember that first meal my 2 younger brothers, sister, and I had; Hot dogs with juice and cookies.

To be quite honest, while I was growing up I never knew how disadvantaged I was. I mean that was just life for me and I didn’t know any different. I did have an incredible God-given ability. This was a high degree of self-efficacy. It was so high, it’s actually what my foster mother told the newspaper about me when they ran an article on us:


Mark loves to read, and has a healthy self image that helps him approach most tasks. “He thinks he’s No. 1,” says Ann, ” He thinks he can do anything.”

Fast forward, I ended up graduating College with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Houston. This is where my programming foundation started. After college, I got a job in the Oil and Gas field as an Electrical Engineer and I decided to build up a web design business on the side since it required little to no money and all knowledge.

In these days Joomla was very popular. I would build some of the most amazing looking websites with amazing functionality on Joomla